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Conventional fabric production and textile dyeing cause irreversible environmental damage and deplete precious natural resources such as land and water. Algaeing™ has solved both of these issues by harnessing the power of algae. Named the most game-changing microorganism across industries in the 21st century, the plant-based, renewable, and biodegradable aquatic plant is a sustainable raw material that can be vertically farmed on land and turned into environmentally friendly textile fiber and dye. 

Algaeing™ is all about being proactive against climate change by addressing apparel and textile supply chain crises.  With an innovation that converts algae into bio-fiber and eco-friendly dye, Algaeing™ is redesigning the world of fashion and other industries for future generations. 

Algaeing™️ created patented and award-winning formulations for sustainably dying and manufacturing fibers. The formulations can be customized for specific needs in a 100% closed-loop system and used with existing machinery, enabling a faster adoption across supply chains and mainstream acceptance. The algae grow in closed-loop vertical farming that requires only solar energy and salty or desalinated water. Algaeing™️ is saving more than 80% of the water consumption and 100% less pollution with zero polluted water. By offering both fiber and dye solutions, Algaeing™️ is changing the way garments are made, from the inside out.

Textile products made with Algaeing™️ technology directly benefit the wearer. At Algaeing™️, we are leveraging the benefits of the botanical power of algae to care for the skin.

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