Mapu – handmade clay speakers

Mapu Preto are sound systems handmade of clay that reunite traditional crafts and technology through heritage-led-innovation.

Fibras MEV

Biodegradable Agar Fibers

Production of sustainable fibers for the textile industry with biodegradable agar polymer, based on circular economy and new materials.

Nuar: a better impact platform

In search of a better tomorrow than today for people, animals and the planet - Nuar a better impact platform.

Dapoda: design living lab

Experimenting, empowering and manufacturing with wood from urban tree pruning: bridging human needs and waste valuing through cascading use.


Electric recycler for household food waste.

Project Circleg

Modular lower-limb prosthetics made of recycled plastics

Japanese Knotweed Project

Create a global community that aims to transform Japanese knotweed waste into circular and sustainable materials for different industries.

In-Packed Nature

Turning agro-industrial waste into biodegradable takeaway food packaging containers.