Mapu Preto are sound systems handmade of clay that reunite traditional crafts and technology through heritage-led-innovation.

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All over the world crafts are facing the same challenges; traditional knowledge and millennia-old traditions are being substituted by industrial mass-production, crafts(wo)men are lacking opportunities and therefore also successors, while many distinctive and natural materials with amazing properties are underestimated and ignored. Especially rural areas are affected by the increasing industrialization and globalization, ultimately leading to an irreversible loss of traditional professions, cultures and intangible cultural heritage!                                                                                                
The Mapu project has been conceived with the dream to reunite two apparently antagonic worlds – crafts and technology. to give a new perspective to traditional crafts, and to make ancient knowledge and skills essential tools for the construction of the future. We developed the world’s first active sound systems made of clay, wood, cork and wool, an eco-friendy high-tech product that fuses the state-of-the-art in electronics and amplification with ancestral craft techniques. Delivered in a packaging made of 100% bio-degradable waste materials. Our speakers are locally produced in traditional crafts(wo)mens workshops in rural areas and inspired by the respective visual cultures, ultimately supporting the formation of a new generation of potters through heritage-led-innovation! 

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