Project R3

Community waste reduction project.


Empaque ecológico con un ciclo de vida cerrado

Industrial Symbiosis / Circular Economy

WasteMart Waste becomes income

WasteMart is a digital space where industries synergize and convert their waste into valuable raw material.


IED LAB MOB YVY - Search for new opportunities for discarded wood from light poles in the city of São Paulo


A number of waste garbage bins are used to create with the artistic technique of modeling and display.

Nuar: a better impact platform

In search of a better tomorrow than today for people, animals and the planet - Nuar a better impact platform.


Home office system - niches and drawers to create your new favorite corners at home.


Platform for sustainable products sales that also encourages recycling and proper destination for recyclable waste.

Invisible Waste Movement

“Lixo invisivél” (invisible waste), is a movement to help people resignify their residential waste in a creative way.

poltrona underconstruction

Armchair designed to be disassembled and customized by the user, composed of a metallic structure and upholstery.

Personal upcycling platform

Project consists of expanding the upcycling service of Transmuta through a virtual platform that connects accredited textile upcyclers and consumers.