Armchair designed to be disassembled and customized by the user, composed of a metallic structure and upholstery.

Long description

In 2009 Pedro Paulo and me got together to think about a new furniture project; we had several ideas: – we were young and we wanted to change everything together at the same time. Every week new experimental projects appeared – contrary to the dominant thinking of competitive products imported from China or products of technical excellence produced in industries – and we were fantasizing with handmade thoughts, full of symbols inspired by cutouts of multiple Brazilian cultures. – our utopia: evolve in design, production, marketing and design consumption. – our willingness: to get involved with social and environmental issues and only work with local suppliers (locksmiths, upholsters, seamstresses, carpenters, etc.), which was already our logic to manufacture our prototypes. Today we see how our ideas – from 12 years ago – helped to think differently, bringing to the furniture market the ideas of: – dematerialization – ease of repair and transportation – user customization – design for disassembly – reduce the amount of materials as much as possible – scalability of artisanal and semi-artisanal production – new narratives from more artisanal materials and processes – modularity and product diversity from a single model. And all this that we discuss today the chair already has: it’s dynamic, up-to-date and it is more and more like the time we are living. The quantity of finishes and materials used in the upholstery varies from collection to collection, always with versions of more sustainable fabrics and/or recycled origin.


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