A number of waste garbage bins are used to create with the artistic technique of modeling and display.

Long description

[Design Orientation] Awakens every forgotten space by means of public art. With industrial innovation and upgrading as the goal, experience innovation, service innovation and business model innovation are driven by design thinking, which can embody the industrial model system solution of “design front, art collaboration and user experience as the center”, the new production service industry model and the basic research project of design. Landmarks are readable; Street furniture is suitable for use; The block is suitable for walking and enjoying; Cities have humanistic temperature, feelings, stories and interactions, so that art and urban public space can be combined to light up citizens’ lives and stimulate new vitality of cities. Every object itself is a work and a sculpture of art. The core of the industry is it, and everyone’s demand is it. It is the most unique, and no publicity can match it to speak for itself. It is the most common and common in our life! Discover it with artistic eyes and present it with different artistic techniques. It is unique and unique. It can have its own exclusive and unique self-introduction, tell the whole world and let the whole world know it again.

On the premise of brand-new creativity, it can not only attract people’s attention, but also accurately and fully express the new fashion concept of garbage classification, which has become the driving force to stimulate the audience; It is innovative and artistic, infused with fresh artistic design elements, permeated with vivid characteristics of the times, and organically combines traditional industries with cultural and creative industries across borders, changing perspectives, thinking and horizons, and achieving the effect of 1+1 > 2. It is also more responsible, more effective, greener, more artistic and more valuable to use waste resources and create waste sculptures.

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