#BoCS Tool

BoCS connects 67 climate solutions to a company’s vision, customers and capabilities - resulting in climate positive, future proof value propositions.

Pulp Fusion

Introducing Pulp Fusion, a fully compostable material made from recycled paper and organic materials that helps the propagation of seeds.

Silica Plastic Block

A sustainable building brick that is made from recycling foundry dust/ sand waste (80%) and mixed plastic waste (20%).

Hack Your Closet

Reducing and preventing waste in the clothing industry through a circular business model.

RADIAL biofabrication platform

Using fungal biotech RADIAL transforms agricultural waste into carbon neutral materials; replacing styrofoam, MDF and animal or plastic leather.

Moving Towards Zero

Waste reduction and sustainability in action through gamification

Decentralized SW Management

Source utilization of biodegradable and non-biodegradable solid waste through “Waste Assimilator” and “Plastic Craft” under ‘Waste to Wealth’ concept.

Solo Packaging

Eco delivery package made of only one material: the dry palm leaf.

junibee sustainable solutions

We design sustainable solutions for everyday life in harmony between nature, work and community.