A new option to a "circular" life and a fair economy for the planet.

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The present project foresees the assembly of an ecopoint (Mundi), initially in the city of São Paulo, structured from containers, to receive plastic waste that would be sent for the manufacture of new products from recycled material. The ecopoint would primarily attend the community located on the surroundings of the ecopoint site and the initial idea is that its installation should be carried out in a hypermarket parking lot, as we consider the location to be easily accessible and with a constant flow of the population.

Among the products that will be manufactured through the collected plastic waste and sold on the digital platform, the toothbrush will be the prominence product of this initiative. The initial model is a brush with compostable bristles, where only the bristles will be discarded, reducing the amount of waste generated in addition to being a material with a long lifetime.

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