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Less is more! As much as that may sound cliché, it makes perfect sense to us. We started as a vintage thrift store, retrieving pieces from bazaars and reintroducing them into the market through social media, but over time we realized that many of the selected pieces had defects such as stains and tears. To overcome that issue we began a process of customizing the pieces with stamping and hand painting, but we still had an issue reintroducing parts with major defects, such as tears and cuts for example. From that point on, we started considering the possibility of using scraps from other clothing stores and our own to then make something new out of them. That’s when we started producing our authentic line of accessories, all inspired by the Rio de Janeiro fashion scene. Pieces that would be considered garbage, turned into accessories that very much interest those with a taste for vintage and craftsmanship. Our production line is somewhere between artisanal and industrial, we make products to be advantageous to those who provide us services as well. Our trims are all from a local market, when not for reuse. Our stamping and processing are all owned by us and operate at reduced water consumption, through and from filtering and recycling.

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