Packz, the Pack with Z “zero waste”, is breaking free from linear economy in e-commerce.

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E-commerce is growing fast and pandemic accelerated it even more. Online shopping has an uncountable list of benefits, but it creates lots of trash from the packages used to transport goods to customers. Considering that trash is a design error, Packz company was created with the intention to “Pack Zero waste” and the team started to think about a package that could circulate in e-commerce purchases many times and then be recycled and start a new cycle, breaking free from linear economy. With these premises, prototypes were developed and after many adjusts, first MVP is ready to be tested in real environment. Logistics players are being involved to create reverse logistics ecosystem and eco-friendly e-stores to start to run first tests. The solution creates an alternative for customers that would like to have their orders delivered with waste free packing and for e-commerce to have package as service. It is under discussion about best way to make this option available: in the cart page or in a dedicated marketplace to unite e-stores that want to have this option and once customer use Packz extension, it automatically selects waste-free package. Customers are going to have access to the information about how many trashes they avoid and how much this represents in terms of CO2 footprint. Packz team knows that this is just the tip of the iceberg so next steps are going in the direction to use same idea in industry packages and in food delivery chain.

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