Use of organic waste for the production of biodegradable products from biological sources

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The Resources project aims to catalog, encourage, communicate and share the practice of producing homemade recipes, objects using biomaterials. Within our current consumption perspective, we always choose to employ materials carelessly, in addition to assigning a useful life to products that do not necessarily match their usefulness or even their function. As is the case with plastic bags and disposable cups. Thus, the idea of ​​the Project is to start producing and instigating new ways to resolve issues related to what may or may not be discarded. That said, we entered the universe of biodegradable bioplastics to which we can venture and instigate the practice at home. It is possible to notice that biomaterials have great diversity, being them in biomass or texture. With that, we can achieve different results from different recipes.

Aiming to investigate and instigate this thought of home production, the project aims to develop recipes and products that can be applied on a daily basis using our waste. Whether they are seeds from the streets, such as chestnut trees or fruit and food leftover in juice stores and supermarket chains.

That said, Resources has a duty to gather all these recipes and encourage the use of them for the home and momentary development of products that use materials that do justice to their useful life. Thus, it is possible to see their application replacing the transparent and market bags for fruits, items that suffer great wear such as wallets, and even shoes or Havaianas soles.

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