Sucata Quântica: a creative reuse centre in really few square meters.

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Sucata Quântica (Quantum Scrap) is a collaborative initiative of a creative reuse centre.

We gather, classify and transform materials into products as intelligent home and office furniture, energy-efficient lighting appliances which are also power hubs, all of them from scrap and designed to last further.

We apply popular techniques and knowledge of bricolage: woodworking, electricity, curiosity, and we integrate with a careful design process and material selection of scrap as raw material. That, with the minimum energy consumption possible.

We conduct a process of rethink the product characteristics to attending new and suitable goals. As result, we produce solutions for three major material sources:

  1. obsolete products by technology, for example, restoration of old stylish stuff: VHS tapes turn a bedside, non-toxic lamp with 1W of LEDs.
  2. obsolete products by durability, like broken showers, plastic toys, which became table lamps with 127V and USB plugs.
  3. discarded items, as furniture, returning it into life in a short-loop, with no material degradation, but reuse.

São Paulo downtown has a lot of waste containers (caçambas) with tonnes of civil construction and wood waste. Building retrofits, dismantled offices because of the COVID pandemic. As a passer-by, you find almost anything in caçambas. In fact, all of our houses and workshop furniture was made with caçamba-wood.

Failed design is filling landfills, and the challenge of collect it before that, and stop these flows need aggressive approaches. We are living and learning through facing this challenge on a daily basis.

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