Mostrar os materiais utilizados para fazer a joia.

Our proposal is to show the value of discarded materials teaching how to develop contemporary jewelry and accessories.

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One of the things that each individual/company must observe is the amount of waste it generates. Start by observing the waste produced in a day, a week, a month and quantify your observation result. With this, you will have a clear idea of the impact of this garbage in your life, in your city, in your country, and on the planet.


With a sincere observation that something is wrong, adding the desire for changes, it is possible to change consumption habits and generate the desire to learn what is the best way to dispose of each type of waste generated.


This new look can also be directed towards the discovery of other uses for this disposal. An “upcycling”, a transformation to a new utility, a new product. Reinterpret the material that would be discarded through direct, creative, and iterative experimentation.


Handicrafts, hands-on work are also inspirations to enhance and stimulate an exclusive design.

In this context, Nima Acessórios Arte’s business model is developed, which encourages an individual to rethink his form of consumption and to reuse the packaging of the products he has acquired creating jewelry and accessories.


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