Dapoda: design living lab

Experimenting, empowering and manufacturing with wood from urban tree pruning: bridging human needs and waste valuing through cascading use.

Circular thinking

In order to change the linear model extraction>production>use>disposal, it is fundamental and urgent to revolutionize the contemporary design process.

Responsible use of plastics

Informar, concientizar, persuadir del uso responsable de plásticos de un solo uso para generar menos plásticos con un mejor manejo.

RePlastic-third life

nothing is made to last - everything is in a state of change - colors, textures, materiality and volume.

deTule: Social Impact project

Utilizamos el diseño como herramienta para el cuidado del medio ambiente y construcción de una sociedad más justa.



The New Life of the Second Chance

Product of this image is not ours, it is merely to illustrate the future of the product


LeRevest will have a major positive, sustainable and creative impact for a greener economy.

Waste to Carbon, before Energy

Teared, discolored, damaged used cloths transformation into double sequential technological application in water, wastewater and waste gas treatment.


Rational, incomprehensible - even annoying, but after understanding some things he is: questioning, warm, close.


Compact kitchens coupled to supermarkets to prepare meals with the good food wasted and teach citizens about smart cooking.

Tu Basura Vale

Program that seeks the reactivation of local stores, bartering and that people learn the value of recycling.