nothing is made to last - everything is in a state of change - colors, textures, materiality and volume.

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What is the value of discarded materials? What is the highest added value for discarded materials? I found in art a provocative and ironic answer. Transforming waste into art is a contemporary attitude, micro revolutionary, exploratory, rewarding. It is the beginning of new possible opportunities. -Format . individual / diptych / triptych -Dimension. 55 x 45 cm volumetric plastic painting. 29 x 43 cm -Used material. 200% recycled polypropylene -New cycles – To solve contemporary problems, it is necessary to create contemporary solutions. And for this, it is necessary to create new ways of thinking, understanding and acting. We need to change our vision, we need to do wrong things for the right reasons. We need to think: slow, inclusive, local and democratic based on the diversity of different realities of everyday life. We need to think different, like a pauper, a pirate or an artist. Thinking to solve the current problems is no longer creating contemporary solutions. To create contemporary solutions, we need new ways of thinking, in more collaborative ways. We can do downcycling or we can think about upcycling. To do upcycling we need to think outside the world of industrial recycling, that can only do downcycling. We need to think of the over 322 million tons of plastics produced each year around the world that are waiting for us. RePlastic-third life, is a plastic volumetric painting 100% zero waste 100% non-renewable 100% democratic 100% recyclable 100% new life 100% recycled 100% different 100% social 100% slow

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