Program that seeks the reactivation of local stores, bartering and that people learn the value of recycling.

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An average person in Mexico City generates 0.86 kg of waste per day, which translates to more than 44 million tons per year, of which only 1.28% are recycled.

One of the great purposes that the government of Mexico City seeks to achieve is to mitigate and reduce the large amount of solid waste generated in its territory, through various strategies, such as SDG °12, through the responsible production and consumption which, in turn, seeks to implement recycling and the use of recoverable waste.

As students of the Design degree of the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes y Literatura (INBA) we seek to solve a problem that concerns Mexico City with a highly complex project that can promote recycling, waste management and promote purchase and consumption in Iztapalapa local businesses through green trade and voucher bartering that are paid when a person exchanges their revalued waste.

The project works as follows:

  1. Separate your recoverable waste.
  2. Exchange them at the collection center for electronic vouchers.
  3. Go to your nearest store and exchange your vouchers for the products you prefer the most.
  4. The merchant exchanges his accumulated points for cash.

And so the cycle repeats itself over and over again reducing waste on the streets.

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