Teared, discolored, damaged used cloths transformation into double sequential technological application in water, wastewater and waste gas treatment.

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There are increasing business models that reuse and recycle textile fibers into new fashion products, adding also multiuse products and easy to recycle products, which are in the top of the R-Ladder of Circular Economy.

But, what do you do with the damaged, teared, discolored cloths ? Even if you donate your clothes before it come to this condition, the donated person will probably used it until it tears. So what? Today it is garbage. Accordingly to IPCC report, 2.6 % of the municipal solid waste (urban garbage) in Latin America are fabric based products. It is approximate 3 million tons per year in Brazil.

Remember that cloths are not the only product made by fabric/textile. We have the increasing Individual Protection Equipment discharges increasing, for both disposable and fabric masks, polymer gloves, aprons. Also bed and bath linen. It becomes floor cleaning cloth ? ATTENTION !! Polyester and other synthetic based textiles release micro fibers during washing, going to the sewage treatment, which is not able to capture them, and they end up into the ocean as micro-plastics, and finally end inside fishes and other aquatic species, birds, and in our food plates in the dinner.

Our technology made possible to transform the end of life – fabric waste into a product that remove color from textile dyeing industries, and treat drinking water as well as air pollution from incinerator and other waste gas generating facilities. Finally, spent product, after reaching the limit of regeneration cycles, is possible to

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