In order to change the linear model extraction>production>use>disposal, it is fundamental and urgent to revolutionize the contemporary design process.

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The linear production system that considers extraction, production, use and disposal is deeply related to the design mindset that considers in its decision-making and data collection only a production chain and the target audience, as a rule. Based on the Bruno Munari methodology, the number of designers who work according to this linear logic is still significant. Even with considerable advances in terms of collaboration and sustainability, there is no record that a circular design methodology with depth and in a contextualized way is in full development within the brazilian design schools.

The proposal is a collaborative game (online or face-to-face) in which participants are invited to articulate two or more productive sectors and their respective challenges in the name of a greater and global objective, common to all teams. From the playing cards, they propose ideas according to the impact (reduce, prolong, give a new cycle, regenerate and inform) and the perspective of each resolution (product or service, business model and ecosystem). There is not a single winner, everyone wins or everyone loses because there is only one planet to be saved. The board represents a falling water drop and concentric waves indicating the impact of each choice. It was developed from Jan Konietzko’s The Circularity Deck (Creative Commons).

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