Rational, incomprehensible - even annoying, but after understanding some things he is: questioning, warm, close.

Long description

In the search for new ideas and more sustainable models, we find design alternatives that rethink the activities of creating | producing | discarding – all this in a creative economy model within a circular economy model.

What needs to be changed is the thinking, the logic used, the current system to look at the ecosystem as a whole, involving social, environmental and cultural issues.

Pino Stool is an idea, an alternative within this new line of thought of exploratory and ecosystemic design.

The goal: to build space to discuss, disagree, test, prototype and design better furniture.

Pino Stool materials: wood of “cruzetas” (light poles), threaded bars, nuts and washers

(discarded components of the electricity distribution system in the city of São Paulo)

Pino Stool descriptive: at first: cold, rational, incomprehensible – even bothering, but after understanding some things he is: questioning, warm, close – and in his own way he does things as best he can.

Pino Stool dimensions: 2000 x 350 x h 440 mm

100% reuse

100% reframed

100% revaluation

100% zero discard

100% new life

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