Compact kitchens coupled to supermarkets to prepare meals with the good food wasted and teach citizens about smart cooking.

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“PUXADIN” is a regional and informal term used to describe a Brazilian’s home extension. Its diminutive character is linked to the simplicity of citizens who, nevertheless, can expand their horizons and somehow, grow.

Our goal is to efficiently and simply make a difference. The main objective of PUXADIN is to reduce food waste in urban centers – specifically in São Paulo – but also to enable its reproduction in other cities.

Using modular containers placed in supermarkets’ parking lots, we intend to create accessible citywide kitchens that can use supermarkets’ food that would be discarded and are still clean and eatable, to prepare meals and sell it in biodegradable packing. After some days of working, the surplus meals would be frozen for better storing and then redistributed to needy and at-risk communities for free.

The organic waste produced in the kitchen can be stored in big composters and delivered to the vegetable gardens in the city. We expect to use the income from the sales to pay the bills and teach a weekly (free) teaching class for those who show interest in reproducing this smart consumption model at home.

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