Project consists of expanding the upcycling service of Transmuta through a virtual platform that connects accredited textile upcyclers and consumers.

Long description

The personal upcylcing platform is intuitive, and guides you to look and search in your own closet to find raw materials to be manufactured in new pieces. You select them, register on our platform, choose which model they will be transformed in, send the parts by mail to the nearest accredited upcycler, and after a few weeks… wow! A unique piece arrives at your home, created exclusively to you, of your size, from clothes that were already yours and that you didn’t know what to do with them! You can also order your transmutation from pieces of other users or from broad collection of Transmuta.

This is the personal upcycling service of Transmuta, which we first run in June 2020 and it has already transmuted more than half a ton of clothes that might be discarded.

We present a plan for the expansion of this service through two lines of action: the coaching of certified professionals in our technique in different regions of Brazil, and the commercial acceleration of this business model through an attractive, intuitive and optimized online platform.

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