In search of a better tomorrow than today for people, animals and the planet - Nuar a better impact platform.

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Nuar is a better impact platform that aims to boost the creation of an ecosystem of people, brands, content, services and products that are aligned with a common dream: to provoke and guide people to rethink their values ​​and their consumption behaviour, to encourage more sustainable habits and to assist in the process of personal evolution and transformation, as to create a better tomorrow than today.

Based on this ideal a community was created, initially on Instagram, which seeks to promote through relevant content solutions with better impact, whether through products or services. The circular economy is at the core of the criteria that underlies the concept and it is inspired by the C2C methodology.

The developed product meets the premises of the C2C criteria and materializes the idea of delivering a sustainable product, impacting not only the market and consumption, but also the Grendene organization, which will be able to absorb the lessons learned and replicate for the other brands of the company, thus promoting an impact on the production of more than 250 million pairs of shoes per year.

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