Home office system - niches and drawers to create your new favorite corners at home.

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The year 2020 offered us the opportunity to have time to think and rethink what we want and what can do better. Large dormant parts of our life started to make sense again and these actions and attitudes are aligned with a “new normal”, the Natural, and how we will be and act from now on. The need to substantially reduce our impact on the planet must translate into a significant change in our lifestyle and habits. The idea of ​​consuming with greater responsibility led us to create the collective: Fabriko, shared carpentry space, Fernando Iasz woodwork, Refugio Design – marketplace – and me, to think about new projects based on recycled materials.

We work within a transition economic system. We have already left the linear model and are moving towards the circular economy model. Our proposal is to have the greatest plurality in all possible dimensions. And by doing so, being able to take advantage of all the knowledge and experiences in the different areas of home design. The first project was ReFabriKo, a modular home office system, adaptable to any type of house, built in solid wood – working table and panel niches in cumaru, sucupira and peroba woods – rack with black finishing.

Dimensions: – work table 60 x 45 x h 12 cm – niches 30 x 23.5 x h 30 cm – rack 62 x h 160 cm.

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