“Lixo invisivél” (invisible waste), is a movement to help people resignify their residential waste in a creative way.

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One of the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic was the increase in the volume of household waste. A problem that has always been here, and it has become more difficult to face. What to do with all this?!

In our imagination, trash is disgusting, but have you ever stopped to think about the wealth in it? There is a lot of energy spent to produce everything we discard. Waste can be a design error, but nobody creates packaging in order to pollute. Packaging guarantees the integrity of the products, food or consumer goods.

Would you be willing to give them up?

One of the great contemporary challenges is in the development of biodegradable materials for packaging. We are still a plastic society. Wouldn’t it be better to reflect on the disposal process instead of just demonizing the materials?

During the year 2020, we were impacted by the amount of household waste generated inside our homes. The concern ended up stimulating the creation of a creative collective to think of homemade solutions to address this issue. This is how the @lixoinvisivel movement arose, with the purpose of co-creating solutions to deal with the impact of (invisible) waste on our lives and awakening awareness in society.

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Imagine you can access an e-cookbook that helps you and your family reframe and recycle household waste by creating something of value?

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