Seek to create environmental & social impact through zero waste solutions to empower local communities and change the mindset on sustainability

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Using a people-centered and earth-centered approach, Bare Necessities addresses serious flaws in manufacturing, packaging, and consumption by innovating and providing sustainable solutions to waste and identifying problems that we all must address if we want to be innovative and socially conscious. 

We rely on ethical sourcing from local farmers and vendors and by emphasizing the employment of women, Bare Necessities strives to solve the often-ignored yet growing problem of waste, while providing ethical and innovative solutions that benefit consumers and society.

The problem tree we strive to address consists of three problems [Lack of alternatives | Lack of Awareness | Lack of Accountability]

To tackle each of these root causes, we have 70+ sustainable alternatives that tackle our everyday waste that we generate without realizing. We also launched an initiative called Bare Learning through which we have launched two online courses, Zero Waste in 30 and Sustainability in 30, with over 1000 students! Lastly, we are consistently innovating and working on existing communication methods and a waste calculator to further increase impact.

By producing zero-waste products, hosting educational workshops, curating online educational courses and conducting sustainability consulting services, BN seeks to change the narrative on waste in India and demonstrate that any individual can positively impact their community, through inspiring others to reduce waste and think consciously about their impact on the world.

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