TonTuin tiny garden is a proven circular and social concept that saves water for the dehydrated city.

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TonTuin is all about saving and sharing. This is a clever concept that recycles otherwise wasted industrial and food industry barrels into rain-catching, water-saving, small gardens that you can install yourself quickly and easily. Motivating people to take climate-adaptive measures themselves and to switch to sustainable materials.The team behind Waterleader are volunteers led by a dedicated citizen (Tijs van Ruth) who dedicates his energy to sustainable and social projects in the city of Rotterdam.

The project Het Regent Tonnen originated from the Middelland residents’ platform in 2020. This resulted in six models from which TonTuin was chosen to work with. Water leader is a movement. We take an approach of just doing, starting. Apart from politics and profit, we are flexible and decisive. We show that positive change is not complicated at all. That is why we manage to attract volunteers. And we offer people with a disadvantage to the labor market an opportunity to work. We do it together.

We created a circular product that shows how to use water more consciously. It is a rain barrel with a planter on top where the plants drink from their own stock through a wick. An eye-catcher in public space that motivates others to do something themselves. It would be good if as many (government) bodies as possible also place a TonTuin. Preferably in public, highly visible places. In order to start the conversation and to show that things can be done differently. 

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