Sustainable construction of a Rural Training Center for the development of the skills of rural women in the area.

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Meepza Foundation, seeks to implement a Rural Training Center built in a sustainable way, where the skills and abilities of Rural Women in the area continue to be strengthened.

The design obeys an image culturally linked to the area and aesthetically accepted by the community, which, according to what they have expressed, would make them feel that they are coming home.

It is a construction that does not use fired brick, it is made with local materials. In fact the rock and soil to be used are in the same lot; in such a way that at the same time that they are used as materials, they are eliminated from the environment to allow the best use of the soil.

The construction system will be in “Tapia pisada” and will have the shape of a “Caneya”. It is an ancestral construction technique, but with current handling. It has the advantage of being a bioclimatic construction.

Meepza Foundation works for the recovery of the Tropical Dry Forest, one of the most devastated ecosystems, they are taught to be part of it and to take care of it, making them aware that what is at stake if it is destroyed is their own food security.

With the construction of this Center, we will get more women and families to see the Tropical Dry Forest as a resource and learn about its sustainable management and use; generating the empowerment and ownership that we need for active and participatory governance.

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