Blooming Tiles temporary event space

Blooming Tiles are biodegradable tiles made from waste materials for temporary outdoor events and subsequent renaturation.

Long description

Blooming Tiles find an application for two of the most common waste materials: excavated soil and sewage sludge are turned into biodegradable tiles for temporary outdoor use.

While uncontaminated excavation material usually ends up on landfills, sewage sludge is notorious as an odorous, unhygienic material. However, some kinds of sludges are non-hazardous but contain valuable nutrients and can be used as fertilizer. Combined, the two waste materials create a new product: biodegradable Blooming Tiles. While clayey excavation material is the main component, plant seeds and organic binder are added along with sewage sludge. After the compaction, pressing and drying process, floor tiles are created for outdoor use: mosaics with a creative as well as productive claim.

Circular understanding of materials
These create space for temporary events, from open-air cinema to music festival. They can host a variety of programs, while decaying at the end of the event and gradually turning back to soil. The nutrient-rich sludge fertilizes the soil – the seeds become plants and a flower meadow begins to grow.

Temporary and Permeable
Soil excavation usually causes land sealing and consequently the formation of urban heat islands. Not only climate change, but also the global covid-pandemic highlights the need for large outdoor event spaces. Although events such as sporting events, festivals or trade fairs are usually only temporary, areas are permanently sealed for them. Blooming Tiles allow temporary use of surfaces, a resistant yet permeable floor that can sometimes be a flower meadow, sometimes an event space.

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