BoCS connects 67 climate solutions to a company’s vision, customers and capabilities - resulting in climate positive, future proof value propositions.

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BoCS: The Business of Climate Solutions

This may come as a surprise: we already know how to tackle the climate crisis. Climate solutions are the set of technologies and strategies (from regenerative agriculture to renewable energy to enhanced natural carbon sinks, and more) that, taken together, can halt and even reverse climate change. And those solutions come with many co-benefits such as health improvements, reduced waste, and increased biodiversity.

What’s more: they are estimated to constitute a 145 trillion dollar business opportunity.

But the world of climate solutions is incredibly diverse and difficult to navigate for many companies. Our Business of Climate Solutions tool is a visual, inspiring, and fun way to co-create connections between a vast range of proven, feasible solutions and the vision, customers, and capabilities of any company: resulting in attractive, climate positive and future proof value propositions.

The results of BoCS can be concepts for all kinds of products and services: physical products, apps, interfaces, and new ways to promote them. Climate solutions can help existing customers, or a company’s resources and capabilities can find new uses with owners and users of climate solutions.

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