Educate communities on affordable chicken protein through rearing broilers, creating awareness on broiler meat safety and increasing market.

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Chicken protein is a delicacy in Kenya, with a big population getting to taste it during Christmas holiday or when receiving important visitors. This is despite the fact that doctors recommend consumption of this protein weekly since it provides important nutrients that the body needs, like iodine, iron, zinc, vitamins (especially B12) and essential fatty acids; Chicken has tryptophan- an amino acid responsible for raising serotonin -the neurochemical linked with mood; it contains vitamin B12 and choline – which promotes brain development in children and aids cognitive performance in older adults; It is a soft protein for those struggling with chewing or swallowing foods and furthermore it is highly recommended to those managing weight and blood sugar. In comparison to other meat, Chicken is high in protein and lower in fat. The biggest hindrance to accessing chicken protein is the cost of producing chicken. Most communities in Kenya consume the traditionally bred chicken known as ‘Kienyeji’ whose maturity age is above an year and mortality rate very high. The broiler chicken provides a profitable option because which takes 35 days to mature and have 95% survival rates, provide lean meat and are less prone to diseases, being bred in controlled environment. The broiler chicken provides cheap proteins because it matures very fast thus saving on food, labor, increases food production through its manure which is harvested monthly, and provides quick profit creating employment. My objective is to Educate on broiler rearing, its meat safety and increasing market penetration.

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