Podcast with children’s stories about socioenvironmental issues that educate and propose a more sustainable relationship with one's environment.

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Our project idea is to produce a podcast that introduces brazilian children to socio-environmental issues such as plastic, composting and waste . With simple and joyful stories told by a friendly capybara, we aim to bring children of ages 3 and over an initial awareness of those themes, putting together content that is firmly rooted on knowledge by specialists and written by well-known authors of children’s books from Brazil, such as Claudia Vasconcellos, Thata Alves, Marcelo Maluf, Planeta Oca and others. They were challenged to write about socioenvironmental stories. We will put together music, stories and sound effects to offer parents a practical way to educate children at home without screen time, stimulating their imaginations aurally. The project consists of 8 episodes that will include: trash issues and plastic in the ocean, composting, recycling, waste, consumerism, changes we can do at home and “trash that is not trash”. We believe this project has special potential to instruct in our current lockdown mode and hope to bring a positive outlook for a future generation. The podcast will be made by Verdes Marias: three sisters who demonstrate, through an unassuming and fun approach, that it is possible and urgent for us to engage in a sustainable life making small changes. We call these changes “microrevolutions“. We have over 253K followers on Tiktok, 17K on instagram, over 600 on youtube and we have our regular website readers and podcast listeners. Here is the

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