I am not plastic by Zerocircle

Food-safe and industry-ready packaging from locally cultivated seaweed that diverts no resources and leaves nothing behind

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There are many ingenious bio-solutions that make dependence on non-renewables resources obsolete but they unintentionally shift the problem to high freshwater consumption, fertile land usage, cause soil pollution, deforestation, and degradation of marine ecosystems. Substituting global plastic production with bioplastics would require at least 388.8 billion m3 of water 60 more than the EU’s annual freshwater withdrawal. Our solution relies upon the most abundant and scalable resource – the ocean. Within the ocean grows seaweed. 80 percent of the oxygen we breathe comes from the ocean. Seaweed is a natural carbon sink and regenerates within 2 months. It needs no land, no fresh water, no fertilizers, and causes no emissions. At Zerocircle, we use locally cultivated seaweed to build emissions-free products which leave no footprint behind.

In terms of the product, we make industry-ready b2b products that use low energy-intensive processes in formulating our material to improve hydrophobicity and mechanical strength. Our aim is to replace the biggest polluters – primary food packaging, shrink wraps, and e-commerce packaging. We understand the complicated handling associated with waste which is why it is designed to be marine-safe, landfill safe and 100% home compostable. Our material breaks down into simple sugars, unlike paper which emits a significant amount of methane during its decomposition. 

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