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Mexico City generates every day 14,000 tons of construction and demolition (C&D) waste, nowadays all this waste goes to landfills, it also is estimated that at least the same amount of new material is being consumed every day on new construction sites, causing an irreparable damage to our ecosystem.

Concretos Sustentables Mexicanos (CSMX) recently installed the first C&D waste recycling plant in Mexico with the capacity to process and recycle any kind of waste generated by the construction industry and transform it into new materials for new constructions, achieving in the process not only the conservation of natural environments, by reducing the dumping of waste in landfills and the extraction of raw materials, but also, by shortening waste transportation distances, 80% less CO2 emission.

In this plant we have the capacity to process 150 tons per hour of mixed C&D waste, we also have a concrete plant with the capacity to process 85 cubic meters of concrete with recycled aggregates, with this concrete plant we have the capacity to produce 100% of the concrete consumed in the city´s sidewalk construction program.

Our business model has been analyzed and approved by a multidisciplinary panel assembled by Mexico´s City Environmental Agency (SEDEMA) with the participation of the UNAM and other prestigious institutions, we are proud to set a precedent into how a successful C&D waste recycling model can be achieved in all the developing cities in Mexico and in the world, thus contributing to a better and more sustainable future for all.

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