An awareness campaign to reduce the environmental impact of fashion and online shopping.

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We want to create a campaign that aims at the reduction of the environmental impact of our consumption habits in the context of fashion. The campaign consists of a series of animated videos showing different problematic aspects of the fashion industry, as well as a website. This supports the arguments with facts and creates a platform for a sustainable fashion system in the city of Amsterdam.
This particular animation we are currently submitting focuses on the environmental impact of online shopping returns.

Despite the problems fast fashion is causing for our planet, the industry is still growing rapidly. Buying fashion items being this easy and affordable sends the wrong message and ignores the problems that come with it. Thus, consumers normally are not aware of their unsustainable behaviour and so the demand for fast fashion is constantly increasing. Next to that, the trend towards increasing online shopping leads to growing numbers of returns. This creates even more negative consequences, one of them being more waste. To break this vicious circle, we need to create public awareness about the issue.

As designers, we have the responsibility not only to create smart solutions but also to find better and more efficient ways to communicate these and the underlying problems. With storytelling, we want to raise awareness in an engaging way. Creating a story that the viewer can identify with will have more impact than just showing the solutions.

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