The Clothing Loop makes it easy and fun to share pre-loved clothes by connecting people in local communities that share a bag of clothes.

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We are buying more and more garments and wearing them shorter and shorter. The Clothing Loop tackles this growing problem – while connecting people in the neighborhood in a fun and sustainable way. The idea of the Clothing Loop is simple: (large) bags filled with clothing travel a route past all participants in a particular city or neighborhood. Do you receive the bag at home? Then you can take out what you like and put back something that is still in good condition, but ready for a new owner. If you want, you can share a photo with your new addition in the corresponding WhatsApp group. Then you take the bag to the next neighbor on the list.

We started a year ago in Amsterdam in the Netherlands as a corona-proof, local alternative for clothing swap events and now have more than 7500 participants spread over more than 210 chains across the country. The success has now been picked up by numerous (national) media (see for example: NOS). Our goal is to spread this initiative globally. To this end, we are building an online platform where anyone, anywhere can start or join a chain.

The Clothing Loop has been adopted by the global Slow Fashion Movement.

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