Modular open-source waste management kit for small spaces, with the aim of connecting the citizen closer to nature.

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We have this dream: that everyone, even those living in small apartments in the cities, will be able to manage their waste sustainably and to re-connect in some way with Nature. In 2050, two thirds of the world’s population might live in urban areas, and we see as every day we live in more congested spaces, isolated from our natural habitat. How could we improve house waste management and at the same time connect people to natural cycles?

Our project includes two aspects: (1) the modular product itself, for which we offer the free Open Source files to download and locally produce according to each one’s needs; and (2) the web platform where we offer: (a) these files, (b) consulting services on how to design and set the modules, as well as how to compost and grow the plants, and (c) access to a peer-to-peer community where to share experiences around these sustainable practices and even to share materials with users who are physically nearby.

Community and Nature: keys to sustainability.

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