Development of compostable products from organic waste streams to replace single-use plastics.

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ComposTerra develops a range of home-compostable bio-based materials to replace single-use plastic products, such as cups, plates, and bowls. ComposTerra’s products will be sold to businesses and individuals to replace their disposable plastic products. Besides the economic activities of ComposTerra, the company aims to publish their knowledge and biomaterial ‘recipes’ globally open-source to make the production of plastic alternatives more accessible and decrease plastic pollution.

In January 2021 a team from the foundation Precious Plastic Maastricht won the Young Plastic Pollution Challenge, and through this gained a starting capital to set up their activities in two years. In 2021 ComposTerra will set up their research and development activities, do research to upscale production, and set up pilots with potential clients in Maastricht.

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