Source utilization of biodegradable and non-biodegradable solid waste through “Waste Assimilator” and “Plastic Craft” under ‘Waste to Wealth’ concept.

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To solve the present solid waste problems and to prevent the mixing of biodegradable solid waste along with the plastic waste, there was an urgent need to develop some technology for decentralized solid waste management under the ‘Waste to Wealth’ concept.

To fulfill the requirement Dr. Amarjyoti Kashyap founder president of ENVIRON has invented a “Waste Assimilator” (Patent C.B.R. No. 13952)   to produce ‘bio-pest repellent’ and ‘organic manure’ in the form of ‘Microbial-wash’, ‘Vermi-wash’ and finally ‘Vermicompost’ from the daily generated biodegradable solid waste to attract every household for practicing biodegradable solid waste management and organic farming.

On the other hand, ENVIRON has designed entire plastic waste management activities in a professional way so that people are now managing plastic waste due to their own benefits. In this connection ENVIRON has introduced “Money Earning Litterbin” (a special bamboo-made litterbin to earn revenue) for source segregation of plastic waste and “Plastic Craft” in every household to produce different usable and decorative products like- ‘chair back’, ‘cushion’, ‘mattress’, ‘table top’, ‘table mat’, ‘garland’, ‘decorative bag’, ‘water-bottle bag’, ‘flower vase’, ‘hat’ etc. out of the daily generated plastic waste as the part of ‘SOURCE REDUCTION’.

To develop a replicable model, ENVIRON will introduce the project concept among selected 1000 BoP households. In this connection ENVIRON will install domestic “Waste Assimilator” and also distribute “Money Earning Litter-bin” to utilize the segregated plastic waste at source by practicing the household level ‘plastic craft’ to initiate a clean, organically green, economically sound healthy planet.

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