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We recycle PET plastic and E-waste into 100% PET 3D printing filament and E-waste 3D printers respectively.

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DiscoverBrands 3D Printing (DB3D) is a social enterprise that reduces plastic waste by locally producing affordable 3D printing filament, 3D printed merchandise and E-waste 3D printers using the circular economy approach. 3D Printing is used in Africa’s manufacturing scope in a number of distinct ways. For many years 3DP was used for prototyping, reducing the length of time required to produce a prototype. A 3D printer allows for testing iterations in a fast, cost-effective manner, adjust designs at a reduced cost, for fine-tuning in a matter of hours. A product that previously took a month to produce three or four design changes now takes less than a week. Getting products to market faster will save companies significant time and money.

Through the stewardship of KEPSA we are currently implementing partners in a public private partnership called New Plastics Economy Kenya Project through the P4G 2030 platform. Since the project began in 2018 DiscoverBrands, Coca-Cola Beverages Africa, Tech4Trade, Kenya Climate Innovations Center, Besic Group and Qtron have undertaken research and engineering of the equipment, appropriate technology and infrastructure required to produce filament and E-waste 3D printers in Kenya.

The New Plastics Economy Kenya project pilot implementation was funded by P4G 2030(Partnering for Green Growth and Global goals) platform in partnership with the WRI(World Resources Institute) and CCAP(Centre for Clean Air Policy).

NPE-K project helped stop the National PET plastics ban of 2018.

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