Electric recycler for household food waste.

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Rio de Janeiro is the Brazilian city that has the higher emission of greenhouse gases from waste. Every day, more than 9000t (PMGIRS, 2015) of waste arrive at municipal landfills, most of which are domestic organic waste.

DORA is a food waste recycling machine that was born to meet the lack of  public service specialized in organic waste sorting, enabling a greater socio-environmental responsibility by the household generator.

Recycling is made through an automated system able to recycle 4,5L of all sorts of food, including cooked, but excepting hard items (being more eficient than worm composting), delivering a ready-to-use fertilizer in 21 days, a much shorter period of time than a traditional composting. This is possible by constant aeration and temperature stabilization using sensors and internal heating. The system has also a charcoal filter, which prevents the release of unpleasant odors into the environment and is divided into 3 stages (feeding, maturation and collection), which allow a continuous feeding of waste (ilustrated in “DORA system image). 

DORA has a unique and compact design, measuring 30cm L  x 20cm W x 42cm H. Its measurements along with contemporary aesthetics, allows easy and beautiful arrangement in small environments.

The project aims to question the concept of “trash” that we’ve built for a long time, transforming the relationship between urban populations and their organic waste, clarifying that there is no “throw away” and that most waste produce we is amenable to treatment.

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