Ecocyc Recolecta aims to create a recycling community through a personalized recycling program where everybody gets great benefits.

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ECOCYC was created by young entrepreneurs from Chiapas, Mexico determined to strengthen the recycling culture and fight pollution generated by the mismanagement of solid waste. By 2019, with the collaboration of professionals, ECOCYC is fully set as a sustainable response to the high demand of garbage disposal.
In the same year, ECOCYC RECOLECTA is launched as a pilot program. It has been in operation for one year and six months with a good acceptance in the community, with 90 registered homes, 15 businesses and 3 government institutions.

ECOCYC RECOLECTA offers a recyclable waste pick up service at the member’s doorstep. We seek to recover 70% of the waste likely to be recycled, including organic waste; we provide users with training and practical information, labeled containers and scheduled pick ups, making it a fully customizable and accessible service for everyone.

We offer our users benefits for recycling: they receive a coupon with discounts and promotions at different local establishments. These businesses also take part in the recyclable waste pick up program, managing to encourage local consumption. These establishments receive benefits such as training, containers, pick ups and advertising in our social media and coupons; in addition, businesses receive the “ECO 3R” label that endorses them as companies that contribute to the environment through their recycling practices. This way, we create a sustainable community that benefits mutually between consumers and businesses, generating a micro-engine for the local economy, by encouraging consumption in environmentally responsible establishments.

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