EcoEgo is a web plugin for online shoppers to filter products in online shops based on environmental and ethical preferences.

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EcoEgo is a digital service that gives consumers power to push the fashion industry to take less, make better, handle smarter.

One truckload of clothes is burned or sent to landfill every second. Only 1% clothes are recycled and 20% global waste water is from this industry. Many know these stats, but still shop mindlessly. In research 81% said they didn’t know about the environmental impact of their last online clothing purchase. Environmental impact information is hard to source for garments, so price, style and convenience are the key drivers in consumer decision making. Consumers feed the demand for fast fashion.

EcoEgo is a simple web plugin that enables users to automatically filter when shopping for clothes online. EcoEgo empowers consumers to make easy, personalised and ethical decisions.   Garments can be categorised on five environmental/ethical impact scales: Durability, Recyclability, Repairability, Fair Trade, Water Consumption. This information is hard for consumers to source. This data is digitally picked up by EcoEgo to function and filter; The user won’t see clothes that don’t meet their own ethical standards, and won’t be tempted to buy them.

Our initial target market is young/mid-life (25-45), professionals in Europe who want to make ethical purchases, but don’t or can’t.

2.1bn people shop online every year. In our sample research 79% said EcoEgo would change their shopping habits. McKinsey (2020) say that a change in consumer behaviour could reduce the fashion industry’s carbon emissions 20% by 2030. EcoEgo could be pivotal

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