'Ecowrap' is financial viable & Technically feasible business model for optimum utilization of post consumed products or solid waste.

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Due to the lack of segregation at the source, there is no financial viable & technical feasible process exist in waste management. None of the current modern technology such as waste-to-energy, Pyrolysis, Plasphalt is helpful in the treatment of unsegregated waste. These technologies became a failed concept and just a source of lobbying for money and land.

‘Ecowrap’ is IoT & SaaS-based one-stop solution for waste segregation, collection, tracking, recycling & up-cycling. Our business model is solely based on waste segregation at the source. To promote waste segregation, we provide Infrastructure like Smart Dustbins, Tech intervention and training to staff. We incentivise waste generators for segregation at the source. We pay (digital tokens) and collect all their segregated waste at source. These tokens can be converted into cash or redeemable on our partner FMCG vendors.

We collect source segregated high-quality recyclables and sell it to recyclers on high margins. We eliminated the labour-intensive task of segregation post-collection. To optimise the waste collection we made these dustbins IoT enabled. These dustbins share real-time data of waste along with the precise location of bins. On the basis of this Data, algorithms find the shortest path for collection of these bins. We made this model financial viable by adding an extra buffer of up-cycled & FMCG products.

We use some part of collected waste in up-cycling. We train women to make up-cycled products out of waste. We provided with waste material. When these products get ready we sell and share revenue with them.

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