A long lasting, durable, and insulated composite textile intended for use in temporary shelters that is made from recycled billboard vinyl and fabric.

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If you were able to reuse a billboard, why not have it carry a different message. One of resiliency, climate adaptation, innovation, as well as accommodation and inclusion. This billboard carries a different message than that of capitalism where demand drives the creation of new products as opposed to repurposing older ones. What if we told you that there is a message that addresses another global issue? There are over 26 million refugees in our world who are forced out of their homes due to political, environmental, and regional instabilities. Once in a new country, the refugee spends an average of 17 years living in temporary shelters. These shelters are usually made of tarp, which is non-durable, UV sensitive, and lasts for about 6 months. Every Shelter, a non-profit in Houston began using billboard vinyl in place of tarp for temporary shelters, as they are a far more durable and longer-lasting product than tarp while possessing similar textile qualities. While vinyl is an improvement, both tarp and billboard vinyl lack insulation which makes those living within these shelters vulnerable to the elements. The lack of insulation also serves as a constant reminder of the impermanence of the refugees’ shelter. We were able to improve upon the innovation of using billboard vinyl in place of tarp and design a multi-layered insert for vinyl that promotes reuse, is economically viable, is easily replicable across the globe, and responds to both harsh heat and freezing temperatures–functioning as panels or larger sheets.

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