Flower upcycling hub: turning flower waste into environmentally responsible materials

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Flower Matter tackles the issue of massive flower waste from the flower industry. 

Various sources refer to ‘40%’ as the percentage of the flowers grown commercially that are thrown away before they reach consumers hands. In Bangkok where the excessive use of flower roots deeply into the way of life, Pak Klong Talat, an over 500 vendors flower market that runs for 24hours 7days a week generates roughly one cubic meter of flower waste per shop per week while a wedding can take up to 3-5 tons of flowers for one night before they all ending up in landfills as mixed wastes.

Flower Matter provides the solution to cut down this waste stream by turning flower waste into environmentally responsible materials such as paper and bio-leather which can then be used as a replacement for currently imported florist supplies or as the alternative raw material for various products. All materials are designed with the heart of biodegradability and the possibility to recycle. 

Flower Matter as a flower upcycling hub will not only convert the waste into valuable materials but also contribute to the community where it is located by supporting local businesses in buying their surplus flowers, creating career opportunities and feed locally-produced, eco-friendly materials back into the market. Moreover, the hub encourages the community to recycle recyclable wastes such as plastic packaging by separating inorganic matters out of the flower waste in the sorting process.

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