Freskos is a sustainably built, modular piece of furniture that helps eating healthy while being mindful of waste.

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Freskos is a locally hand-crafted, modular and sustainable piece of furniture for storing and preserving fruits and vegetables while respecting their unique needs. It was created with the desire to promote a healthier lifestyle and reduce food waste, with a holistic yet playful approach. It is an integrated structure that uses no screws rather than wood joinery techniques, merging tradition with innovation, heritage with the future.

We looked into ancestral techniques of preservation and combined this knowledge with design skills and craft expertise. Natural fibers such as Palm, Cork, Clay, Bunho, Jute and Hemp were carefully selected and used in accordance with their characteristics such as temperature isolation and humidity control in order to create the best environment for our produce*.

Providing the best conditions includes maintaining the humidity, providing air circulation, avoiding pressure, keeping moisture and temperature, and storing them in an appropriate light and dryness, are some of the factors that help preserve the taste and extend their shelf life. By growing, re-growing and conserving our herbs and leafy vegetables we reconnect with what we eat in a creative way.

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