The waste bins to be allocated under the budget for the residential courts

Waste management system improvement in the city of Nairobi by empowering homes to sort the waste and let the city manage the waste.

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The Fuliza Uchafu Nairobi (FUN) project is an innovative waste management project that seeks to pioneer sorted collection of waste in the homes. The project will pilot in Kibera slums by mounting labeled waste bins across the slum to enhance garbage sorting. The organic waste garbage collected will be recycled and used in the production of compost manure for sale. Additionally, the project will use some of the organic waste recycled to grow vegetables in a hydroponics greenhouse as a demonstration site for the city residents. The recyclable waste will also be sorted and cleaned up for re-sale or re-use. The other waste including metallic waste will be sorted for re-sale to the metal dealers and the remaining waste will be destroyed at the incinerator at the project site. The project will demonstrate to city families how they can use their balcony spaces and organic waste to grow their own vegetables and manage waste efficiently in their homes. The project will also promote the sorting of waste for enhanced waste management in the city of Nairobi and as a first step towards achieving an efficient and effective waste management system in the city. The project will employ street children that are aged over eighteen (18), and will build their capacity to be able to earn a decent livelihood from the waste management collection and system in the Nairobi city neighborhoods. The project will adopt a simple MEAL plan and train the cohort of street children selected.

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