Feather wool fiber: A natural fiber that can significantly reduce Textile Industry GHG & Environment impact, replace cotton, wool & synthetic fibers.

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Golden Feathers : Transforms Tribal Women Life & Livelihood thru Sustainable development with Handloom Apparel and Wool from Fiber converted from Chicken Butchery Waste Feathers. Reducing Pollution. We solve Social, Environmental ( River, Surface Water and Land Fill Pollution) & Health hazards, Food waste and Carbon Footprint problems. We convert waste Feathers into Pulp & Yarn to Feather Wool. Our Trained Tribal women ( 200+) ( Jhalawar, Rajasthan) use hand-carding, spinning, weaving to make very warm, soft, durable, light wearable Fabric, Stoles, Quilts & Jacket. Our Fabric is comparable with best of known natural wool ( Imported Marino, Newzealand, Pashmina, Sheep and Goose Down ).

Green House Gas Emissions :

  • Significant Reduction of GHG and recycling the carbon footprint loss in Food Supply chain Waste to Value by Feather Fabric and wool for warm apparels, Household soft furnishing, filler and Many New Products.
  • Replace : Synthetic/Plastic Fibers, PolyFills, Down & Feather, Cotton, Sheep Wool, leading to significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and has positive impact on people and the planet

Saving the Planet

  • Reduce Environment Hazard, Water and Land Pollution, Landfills from Waste, Air quality and GHG due to incineration of waste, Health diseases from chicken Butchery waste thrown roadsides.
  • Reduce Animal Cruelty

Generate Sustainable Livelihood for Tribal Women in backward areas.

  • Revival : Most marginalized population Tribal Women in backward areas of Rajasthan, India.
  • Rejuvenate Local Village Artisans, Craft and Sustainable. Re-habitate & Reverse Migration

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