Golden Joinery is a non-commercial fashion brand developing in togetherness by mending our own dear broken garments with 'gold'.

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GOLDEN JOINERY is a ‘new’ non-commercial clothing brand, developing in togetherness, initiated by Dutch fashion collective Painted Series. Both in playful workshops and the GOLDEN JOINERY game, you are invited to repair a dear but broken garment with gold. Touched by the Japanese Kintsugi technique, where broken porcelain is visibly healed with gold, Painted Series started to translate this gesture to fashion. Kintsugi means golden joinery.

Slowly and through playful interventions, the workshop/game will lead you out of your mind and into your hands. Relying on what your hands will lead you to by making, letting go of a pre-determined result and working together unexpectedly. (Philosophical) questions will rise by spending time on your own garments, such as: Who determines value? What’s New? When is something finished? Can there be beauty in a flaw? Can I contribute to a bigger whole while doing something for myself? Which hands made my garment?

The dynamic scenario of the workshops has been translated into the GOLDEN JOINERY game, enabling more people to join the brand.
The English edition is sold out.
The time is ripe now to scale up.
Let’s cover the world with golden scars!

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