Green Box, a compostable amenity kit to help hotels transition to a circular economy.

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Every year tens-of-millions of single use amenity kits are thrown away, but do we really need those items to last forever after only being used for a few minutes? Take for instance a normal toothbrush, it takes in nature more than 300 years to degrade, and even then some chemical components and micro-plastics will never fully reintegrate in the environment. Green Box is a circular amenity kit designed to help tackle plastic waste generated by the hospitality industry. Produced in bio-sourced, bio-based and compostable materials, it is fully integrable in a circular business model.

Given by request on the front desk, the kit is paired with its own disposable bin. The dual bin will familiarize guests with this new kind of waste stream, as they will be sorting between compostable or non-compostable items themselves, The “white” parts, contaminated and not made of compostable material, will be disposed of with the general waste and most often incinerated. While the “green” parts, the compostable items of the kit, will be composted on an industrial facility, together with the rest of the organic waste from the hotel.

Made out of recycled polylactic acid (PLA), leftover wheat fibres and non-toxic plant-based pigments, the “green” items will be industrially composted (methanisation process). After 10 weeks we will be left with just soil and biogas. The energy created by the methanisation of the kit could power a standard LED light bulb for more than a day.

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